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Intelligent Dashboard and Analytics

The advanced Cliky dashboard interface talks about sales goals, monitoring key metrics, KPIs, user-friendliness and editable format. The analytics help you get a better understanding of your sales pipeline and your prospects’ progress and helps you make well-informed decisions. This way, your team gets to build its strategy based on your most recent KPI data rather than outdated numbers.

Accurate Map Analytics

Cliky has been designed to help sales managers and managers keep track of the sales reps’ performance and help manage the sales process smoothly. The map analytics comprises various modules such as creating, editing and assigning sales rep journey plans; end-to-end live field reps tracking, checking employees’ GEO location, and automated route map tracking.

Swift Calendar Scheduling

Schedule and assign different types of actions to sales teams in a calendar. By mapping your team's daily workflow into the calendar, you can optimize your scheduling efforts and make sure that each team member has enough time and opportunity for important tasks.

Well-knit Visit Plan

Cliky helps you make critical decisions by analyzing your data from anywhere. It will enable you to classify jobs on the basis of priority and modify your team’s market visit plan accordingly. This saves you time and helps in closing deals faster.

Proper Enquiry 

The Cliky CRM system helps you filter the relevant keywords, find insights, automate reminders, and efficiently process the query. It also ensures rapid response, expert insight the fastest and no unanswered queries for a better relationship with prospective or existing clients.

Prompt Action

Quick processing of a plethora of real-time data on sales performance, allows you to analyze patterns of won deals, identify the hot leads and prioritize them and the rest accordingly. Cliky gives you the ability to assign activities to your team members, so they can get directly involved and close deals faster.

Accurate Branding and Scheme Plan

Data gathered through Cliky gives you a fair idea about the competition and how they are playing in the market. You can accordingly strategize your marketing plan as to where shall the company needs to push the distributor network with a better scheme and where a strong brand presence will do its magic.

Excellent Mobility

An easy-to-use, intuitive, and highly customizable platform to fit your company's needs. Whether you're a small business owner or a large enterprise, we've got you covered with our Seamless User Interface (UI) on both Android and iOS devices.




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