Track ROI and grow you business affordably, Even when away


Sales with lead management, reporting, tracking, and forecasting.


Automate field tracking, beat planning, visit management, sales.


Partner procedures for efficient onboarding and tracking.


Achieve goals with our advanced Target Management System.


Boost loyalty, revenue, and engagement with our smart system.

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Cliky Overview

It’s time to engaged yourself to other priorities

Cliky transforms your workforce strategy by connecting performance management, employee engagement, and enhance your business in one unified solution.

CRM boosts performance by improving customer interactions and streamlining processes for enhanced business success.

Centralized customer data enables personalized experiences and better insights.

Streamlined sales and marketing processes lead to increased efficiency.

CRM engagement enhances performance by optimizing customer interactions and streamlining processes, leading to elevated levels of business success.

Personalized interactions and tailored offerings, boosts customer engagement.

Automated timely follow-ups and proactive customer support enhances engagement.

KPIs and goals drive business success by setting measurable targets and evaluating performance for informed decision-making.

Track metrics like conversion rates to optimize sales efforts and measure lead performance effectively.

Automated timely follow-ups and proactive customer support enhances engagement.

Analytical insights for CRM provide data-driven information for informed decision-making and strategy development.

Harness insights with smart dashboards for informed decisions and deeper customer understanding.

Generate tailored reports and analyze data in real time for advanced business insights.

CRM involves expanding customer base, increasing revenue, and enhancing customer relationships.

Enhanced insights yield a competitive edge through superior understanding and strategic decision-making.

Spot business opportunities, tap into new markets, and leverage customer preferences for driving growth.


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