How Cliky CRM helps FMCG Brand
to Scale Up Their Inventory & Create
a Competitive Beat Plan?

Business Challenge

One of the leading multinational consumer goods companies, aimed to optimize its inventory management across different warehouses. They were unable to keep a check on the stock level, distributors, and overall supply chain. With the ongoing trends in the market, they were also lacking behind the competitors so they wanted a detailed beat plan to stay ahead of the curve.

Why did they want to do it?

The company sought these improvements to reduce inventory costs, enhance supply chain efficiency, and ensure product availability in response to dynamic market demands.

What was the problem the client was facing?

The brand struggled with outdated inventory management systems that led to either overstocking or stockouts. Their beat plan was not adequately aligned with market trends, affecting sales and customer satisfaction.

Cliky solution

Cliky CRM proposed a comprehensive AI enabled CRM solution integrated with our sales field automation software for their advanced inventory management and create a robust beat plan.

How did we go about doing it?

  • Conducting a thorough analysis of the brand's existing inventory and sales data.
  • Our AI enabled CRM, created a custom beat plan that adapts to market changes and consumer buying patterns.
  • Training the client team on leveraging the new system for maximum efficiency.
  • Implementing Cliky Sales Field Automation for inventory management system to provide real-time stock insights and predictive analytics.

Quantitative Results

  • Reduction in inventory costs by 20%
  • Increase in sales efficiency by 30%
  • Improved stock turnover ratio by 25%

Qualitative Results

  • Enhanced real-time visibility into inventory levels
  • More accurate and dynamic beat planning
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to better product availability

Key Highlights

The most remarkable aspect was the

with minimal disruption was also noteworthy

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