How we helped SRMB Steels to increase their sales and manage customers seamlessly?

Business Challenge

SRMB Steels aimed to enhance their sales performance. They recognized the need to adopt modern techniques to boost sales in an increasingly competitive market.

The reason behind this objective was to not only increase revenue but also to establish a more efficient and responsive sales system. This was essential for maintaining their competitive edge and market leadership.

The company was grappling with inefficiencies in managing distributors and customers. The traditional CRM they were using were becoming less effective, leading to a decline in sales performance and challenges in customer relationship management. They needed a solution that could streamline these processes and improve overall operational efficiency.

Cliky solution

The comprehensive solution included an AI-powered CRM system
coupled with sales field automation software. This combination was designed to enhance sales performance and improve the management of distributors and customers.

Implementation Process

The process began with integrating the AI-enabled CRM system into SRMB Steels' existing workflow. This system provided advanced analytics for in-depth sales insights. Concurrently, the sales field automation software was deployed to streamline the management processes, automating tasks and providing real-time data for effective decision-making. This dual approach ensured a seamless transition to more efficient, data-driven operations.

The results of implementing Cliky's AI-enabled CRM and sales field automation software for SRMB Steels were both quantitative and qualitative:

Quantitative Results

  • Sales Performance Increase: There was a 30% rise in sales figures within the first quarter post-implementation. This increase was a direct result of more targeted and efficient sales strategies derived from the CRM's analytics.
  • Operational Efficiency: Management efficiency improved by 25%, evident from a reduction in time spent on administrative tasks, thanks to the automation provided by the sales field software.

Qualitative Results

  • Improved Customer Relationship Management: The CRM system's detailed insights into customer behavior and preferences allowed for more personalized and effective customer interactions, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Streamlined Sales Processes: The automation tools provided by the software led to a more organized and efficient sales process, improving the overall productivity and morale of the sales team.

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