How is the Cement Industry, Struggling with Field Operations, Digitizing Everything?

A leading global cement company struggled with managing its field operations effectively. The crux of the issue lay in the inherent delay in data capture within its existing online web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The field agents were not engaging with the CRM tools during on-site visits, leading to a gap in real-time data availability and visibility.

Business Challenge

The management team was grappling with the repercussions of delayed data entries. With data being entered hours or sometimes days after field interactions, the ability to accurately predict sales trends was compromised. The time lag in data entry led to inefficiencies and a disconnect between the field agents and the management team. Real-time strategic decision-making was hampered, affecting the company's agility in responding to market changes.

Cliky solution

The company turned to Cliky’s advanced AI-enabled CRM and Sales Field Automation (SFA) tools to overcome these challenges. Cliky’s mobile-friendly CRM allowed field agents to input data instantly during client interactions, eliminating lag and ensuring data was always current. Management now had access to live dashboards displaying up-to-the-minute data from the field, providing a clear picture of sales activities. The AI capabilities within Cliky’s system analyzed the data to predict sales trends, allowing for proactive strategy adjustments.

Automated workflows and reminders within the SFA tool ensured follow-ups and tasks were systematically managed, increasing field agent productivity. The Offline Functionality helps field agents with limited internet connectivity, to do data entry on the go.

Implementation Process

The implementation of Cliky’s AI-enabled CRM and SFA resulted in transformative changes. It leads to more personalized customer experience and efficient sales cycles, contributing significantly to increased business productivity and customer satisfaction.

Quantitative Results

  • Increased Data Accuracy: Real-time data entry led to higher accuracy in the company’s sales database.
  • Improved Productivity: Field agents reported improved ease of use and efficiency in managing their tasks and schedules.
  • Informed Decision-Making: The management team was able to make informed decisions swiftly, enhancing responsiveness to market demands.

Qualitative Results

  • Data entry lag was reduced from days to real-time.
  • Productivity among field agents increased by 25%.
  • Sales forecasting accuracy improved by 30%.
  • Decision-making speed was enhanced by 40%.
  • Revenue growth was observed at a rate of 15% post-implementation.

Key Highlights

The key highlight of this case study is how management gained instant visibility with live data dashboards. Also, the introduction of offline data entry capability for areas with poor internet connectivity developed a smart move for field employees.

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