Easing out Manufacturing Logistics with Cliky OTS: Enhanced Security and Efficiency

Business Challenge

Our client was determined to overcome significant challenges in its logistics and order tracking system. Their primary objectives were twofold: to enhance the security of transported materials and to streamline the order collection process for greater efficiency.

The company was grappling with recurrent incidents of material theft and fraud during transportation and order collection, which not only led to substantial financial losses but also affected its reputation and customer satisfaction. A major contributing factor to these issues was the lack of a robust, AI-enabled tracking system to monitor and authenticate orders effectively.

Cliky solution

To address these challenges, Cliky OTS was implemented along with our CRM. This solution is a cutting-edge, low-code automation tool specifically designed for order tracking. It features real-time photo capture capabilities that allow the company to constantly monitor materials in transit.

Additionally, the system includes a vehicle registration feature for order collection, ensuring that each vehicle used for collection is pre-registered in the system. This feature helps in verifying the authenticity of the collecting party, significantly reducing the chances of fraud.

On the other hand, Cliky CRM can streamline the order collection process. This integration ensures that the company has sufficient inventory to meet demand without overstocking. The system can predict demand effectively, adjusting order collection accordingly.

Quantitative Results

  • 60% significant reduction in material theft incidents and order fraud, leading to decreased financial losses.
  • The company experienced 70% improved logistical efficiency and reliability.
  • The system's real-time monitoring and verification capabilities ensured that every aspect of the logistics chain was transparent and accountable.

Qualitative Results

  • Improved operational efficiency, enhanced customer trust, and a more reliable logistics process.
  • Employees become more proactive in identifying areas for improvement, leading to ongoing innovations and enhancements
  • Reduces the risk of disruptions, allowing the company to operate smoothly and maintain a competitive edge.

Key Highlights

The standout aspect of this case study was the integration of Cliky OTS's innovative real-time monitoring and vehicle verification system, which not only secured the logistics chain but also significantly improved operational efficiency within a short span of implementation.

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