Implementing AI-Enabled ERP Solutions for Enhanced Decision-Making at SRMB Steels.

Business Challenge

SRMB Steels, a leading manufacturing firm, faced significant challenges in setting realistic sales targets and tracking their achievement. They wanted to transition from a traditional, intuition-based target setting to a more data-driven approach. The primary issue was the lack of real-time data analysis and a rigid target management system, which led to unrealistic target settings and suboptimal performance.

The manufacturing industry is subject to market fluctuations and seasonal changes. SRMB Steels’ static target management system failed to adapt to these variations, resulting in inefficient resource utilization and lost market potential.

The existing system was not equipped to handle multi-level targeting, which is crucial in a diverse manufacturing setup like SRMB Steels. This led to a lack of clarity in goals at different organizational levels, from individual sales representatives to regional teams.

Another key challenge was setting targets at individual brand / family / category and product levels and also at customer levels. For instance, how SRMB's “TMT Top Tech” brand is doing when it comes to “Godrej” as a customer. What was the sales for Godrej Quarter on quarter for last year and what it is now, etc…?

SRMB Steels struggled with data silos, where information was scattered across different departments. This lack of integration hindered their ability to consolidate data for comprehensive analysis and target management.

Cliky Solution

To address SRMB’s challenges, we introduced our AI-enabled Target Management System. This solution was designed to facilitate both product-based and value-based target setting, backed by advanced reporting and analytics. Our process involved:

  • Utilizing AI, Cliky helped SRMB Steels set realistic targets based on historical data and market trends, moving away from intuition-based methods.
  • The software's ability to dynamically adjust targets in response to market and seasonal changes ensured that SRMB Steels remained agile and competitive.
  • Cliky enabled precise target setting at different organizational levels, enhancing clarity and focus across the company.
  • The software offered real-time progress tracking through visual dashboards, aiding in timely decision-making and performance evaluation.
  • Automated Alerts and Notifications kept the team engaged and on track, facilitating timely completion of targets and acknowledgment of achievements.
  • Cliky’s advanced analytics tools provided valuable insights into performance trends, helping SRMB Steels identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Quantitative Results

  • Post-implementation, SRMB Steels saw a 25% increase in target achievement rates
  • They also witnessed a 15% rise in overall sales efficiency.

Qualitative Results

  • The management experienced enhanced decision-making capabilities
  • The sales team found the targets more realistic and attainable.

Key Highlights

The winning part of this case study was the significant shift from intuition-based target setting to data-driven decision-making within a short span. The real-time monitoring and AI-driven analytics proved to be game-changers.

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