Cliky Magic

Ever thought of a magic wand for your business, one that not only understands your sales needs but also predicts them - that's Cliky Magic for you! Think of it as your smart, AI-powered sales assistant. With this, your leads are sorted and prioritized automaticallyYou're not just. shooting arrows in the dark; Cliky Magic's real-time analytics light up the target, showing you exactly where to aim your sales strategies.

  • Automated Lead Management
  • Real-Time Sales Analytics
  • Enhanced customer engagement
  • Streamlined Sales Process
  • Self-Service Configuration

AI is just the beginning, Scale Your Business Today with Cliky Magic

Ever wanted to automate your sales process without needing to call in an expert? With Cliky Magic, you're in charge. You can make it work just the way you want. Plus, it brings all your ways of talking to customers - like emails or messages - into one place, so you're always connected and in the know. It's like having a sales process that changes its colors to match your business perfectly, and you can change and fix it up easily without needing to be an expert.

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What Business Benefits Do You Get?

Specific goal-based recommendations, guiding businesses towards their targets.

Enhanced sales efficiency with predictive analytics and automation

It integrates the communication channel, this ensures that no customer query goes unanswered and every communication is tracked and managed efficiently

It empowers users with self-configuration capabilities. It’s like giving business owners the keys to modify their sales engine

Cliky Magic offers a low-code, easily customizable platform, making it simple to adapt the sales process

Industry Need

Retail and E-commerce

  • Enhanced Sales Efficiency by automating sales processes, enabling quick and efficient lead management
  • Personalized Customer Experiences through AI recommendations and analysis

B2B Sales:

  • The predictive AI improves Sales Forecasting
  • Fosters seamless communication between sales representatives and decision-makers

Financial Services:

  • Proactive Customer Retention
  • Enables Data-Driven Cross-Selling

Our Simple Approach of solution
for any big problem

Cliky transforms your workforce strategy by connecting performance management,
employee engagement, and enhance your business in one unified.

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Cliky transforms your workforce strategy by connecting performance management, employee engagement, and enhance your Cliky transforms Mr. Siddhartha Sen Majumdar Commercial Head, SRMB Realedge