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Unlock the Power of Segmentation with CRM! Tailor your customer approach, boost profits, and Streamline sales, skyrocket engagement. Discover why personalized targeting is the key to business growth. Maximize your CRM potential today.

Our platform centralizes data, automates sales, enables targeted marketing, and offers data-driven insights for optimization and personalization.

Data centralization, sales automation drive efficiency and personalized customer experiences.

Facilitates targeted marketing, offers data-driven insights for enhanced optimization and performance.

Enhance CRM engagement through personalized interactions, streamlined processes, and insightful analytics.

Feedback management, personalized engagement via segmentation for stronger customer connections.

Monitor customer interactions, automate engagement for streamlined and efficient customer management.

CRM empowers businesses by tracking KPIs and achieving goals, driving growth and improved performance.

Utilize sales insights, data-driven decisions for enhanced business strategies and outcomes.

Forecast sales accurately, uncover sales process bottlenecks for efficient improvements.

Access valuable analytical insights within CRM for informed decision-making and optimized business strategies.

Predict churn, AI-enhanced sales forecasting for data-driven business insights and strategies.

Real-time sales insights, intelligent lead scoring enhance team performance and predict conversions.

Leverage CRM for strategic growth, optimizing customer interactions, data utilization, and streamlined business processes.

Optimize sales, pipeline, segmentation for higher conversions and efficiency.

Targeting enhances ROI. Data-driven choices optimize growth. Customer data enriches experiences.

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Cliky transforms your workforce strategy by connecting performance management,
employee engagement, and enhance your business in one unified



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AI Power

Customer Churn Prediction

AI enabled Sales Forecasting

Real-time insights into sales team performance

Intelligent Lead Scoring predict lead conversion

RPA Enable

  • Automated Lead Capture
  • Data Entry Automation
  • Lead Nurturing and Follow-up
  • Sales Proposal Generation
  • Automated Quote Generation
  • Automated Sales Reporting
  • Order Processing Automation
  • Contract Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Automated Customer Engagement
  • Task and Activity Reminders

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for any big problem

Our platform automates sales processes from lead capture to contract management,
enabling efficient operations and maximizing sales performance.

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Cliky transforms your workforce strategy by connecting performance management, employee engagement, and enhance your Cliky transforms Mr. Siddhartha Sen Majumdar Commercial Head, SRMB Realedge