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Why do you need a Cliky CRM?

Revolutionize Your Sales Strategy with Cliky CRM: An all-in-one SaaS solution combining CRM, Sales Force Automation, and comprehensive Expense & Target Management. Experience the magic of automation with Cliky Magic and advanced insights from Cliky Analytics. Our platform excels in Lead Management by offering automated alerting and strategic lead closure recommendations.

Cliky Sales Cloud for SFA aided with Map Analytics goes beyond the standard needs of field service management like planning & managing visits, appointments, route optimizations and offers much more like geo-tagging/fencing , offline data capture, AI enabled recommendations & alerts for any noticeable trends like drop in customer order or drop in field visits etc for management actions.

Automation is our fuel , customer success is our passion.

Our platform centralizes data, automates sales, enables targeted marketing, and offers data-driven insights for optimization and personalization.

Advanced lead scoring mechanisms that track the lead journey, and through AI enabled lead prediction it shows the likelihood to convert.

AI enabled automatic lead capture, seamless integration, and Map analytics Facilitate targeted marketing that offers data driven insights for enhanced optimization

Enhance CRM engagement through personalized interactions, streamlined processes, and insightful analytics.

Unlike traditional CRMs, Cliky offers dynamic customer journey mapping that adapts in real-time.

The CRM intelligently adjusts customer touchpoints based on interactions and behaviors.

Monitor customer interactions and transform data into visually intuitive insights.

CRM empowers businesses by tracking KPIs and achieving goals, driving growth and improved performance.

Our Customer Relationship Management Software empowers businesses by tracking KPI’s, driving growth, and improved productivity.

Utilize sales insights, data driven decisions for enhanced business strategies and outcomes

Forecast sales accurately, uncover sales process bottlenecks for efficient improvements.

Access valuable analytical insights within CRM for informed decision-making and optimized business strategies.

Predict churn, AI-enhanced sales forecasting for data-driven business insights and strategies.

Real-time sales insights, intelligent lead scoring enhance team performance and predict conversions.

Leverage CRM for strategic growth, optimizing customer interactions, data utilization, and streamlined business processes.

We at Cliky took the first steps in this industry to build products like Cliky Magic , Gamification and Cliky Analytics. Our standout feature, Gamification, transforms sales into a thrilling competition. Set and monitor sales targets in a dynamic, fun-filled environment, celebrating achievements with titles like '#Hitman of the Month.'

Cliky Magic is our game-changer in proactive business management. This tool alerts you in real-time on mobile devices when sales trends start to dip, enabling swift, informed actions to avert potential drops.

We champion a shift in business operations from reactive to prescriptive, empowering executives to craft winning strategies. With Cliky Growth, we promise at least a 25% boost in sales efficiency and pipeline segmentation in just six months, leading to a minimum of 20% ROI by the end of the first year. We don’t just promise; we deliver results!

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Cliky CRM Leading the Charge in Diverse Sectors

AI recommended sales pipelines to ensure all your leads are tapped right from the enquiry to conversion stage.
Cliky CRM empowers businesses as an efficient sales tracking software for small business to enterprises



Financial Services

Real Estate



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AI Power

Tracks Lead Journey

AI enabled Sales Forecasting

Real-time insights into sales team performance

Intelligent Lead Scoring predict lead conversion

RPA Enable

  • Automated Lead Capture
  • Lead Nurturing and Follow-up
  • Automated Quote Generation
  • Order Processing Automation
  • Automated Quote Generation
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Data Entry Automation
  • Sales Proposal Generation
  • Automated Sales Reporting
  • Contract Management
  • Automated Customer Engagement
  • Task and Activity Reminders

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Count Cliky as the best b2b crm, that automates sales processes from lead capture to contract management,
enabling efficient operations and maximizing sales performance.

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Cliky transforms your workforce strategy by connecting performance management, employee engagement, and enhance your Cliky transforms Mr. Siddhartha Sen Majumdar Commercial Head, SRMB Realedge