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Lead Journey Tracking

Our easy-to-use, intuitive platform provides authentic information on all moving and non-moving leads. With this real-time context, your salespeople and marketers can communicate seamlessly with each other and make sure that every lead is at the right place at the right time.



Auto lead generation entry & assignment

Cliky ensures that every lead is automatically fed into the CRM system, preventing prospects from falling through the cracks. You'll also be able to track your leads automatically and see how many new sales opportunities have been created through the use of AI & ML technology.

Lead entry from Anywhere Any Device

The ability to view, enter and update key customer and sales data directly from a tablet or mobile device fingertips irrespective of location or time will allow users to manage everyday activities, such as viewing calendar reminders, logging call notes and creating quotes. In addition, users can manage time sheets, submit expenses and gain a better understanding of upcoming projects.

Flexible UI And Advanced Mobility Platform

Cliky is a powerful tool that can be used to automate workflows and complete sales processes. This end-to-end sales management platform accelerates sales processes of any complexity.

Accurate Branding and Scheme Plan

Browse through Cliky and you will have access to Data gathered through Cliky gives you a fair idea about the competition and how they are playing in the market. You can accordingly strategize your marketing plan as to where shall the company needs to push the distributor network with a better scheme and where a strong brand presence will do its magic.

Faster Lead Response Time

Connecting leads with consultants is automated in the CRM. This means that you'll always be able to respond to people who reach out and express an interest in what you're selling. The first vendors to respond to a lead win 35-50% of sales.

Prepare Your Report

Our custom report-building feature allows you to build a report for any of your business data and view it in real time. You can monitor and manage all of your sales data at once as well.

AI-Driven Lead Prediction Module

By analyzing the details of your leads, Predictive Contact Scoring creates a scoring system and provides real-time insights into how likely they are to convert. Cliky provides an in-built ML- empowered lead scoring which provides the probability of lead closure.

Smart Reporting & Advanced Analytics

Cliky’s simple user interface enables you to create customized reports, get the information that matters most to your organization, and measure specific areas of productivity. Our AI-based charts and KPIs help to measure productivity and identify the best and least performing entities by rank.

Map Analytics

Cliky allows you to see exactly where each lead is working and how it's progressing. Analytic reports on maps give you detailed insights into all your lead movements with your maps. It helps identify areas where your marketing efforts may be affecting your business, as well as areas where they're not.

Smart Integration

Export your contacts, calendar, and email from your augmented data source into whichever format you would like to use (excel, word, or outlook). You can also sync them between Google Calendar or any popular app and our CRM system.




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