Meeting Management System

Why You Need?

We're redefining the traditional meeting, making it smarter, faster, and more productive. Our Meeting Management System project is designed to ensure every meeting attendee is verified. This meeting management software can save up to 30% of your work time, ensuring well-organized and effective meet-ups. Each contribution is captured, valued, and integrated seamlessly into the meeting workflow.

Verified Attendee Authentication

Our AI-enabled Meeting Management System (MMS) integrates KYC verification, ensuring every participant’s authenticity. This builds a foundation of trust and security for each interaction, addressing the business challenge of unverified attendance which can lead to security risks and mistrust within your organization.

Task Integration

Our meeting management software dashboard is designed for easy integration with other business tools, streamlining the meeting process and providing access to necessary information from anywhere and at any time. The meeting system can be synchronized with existing calendar applications and has full-featured APIs to connect with various software solutions.

Dashboard and Reporting

The meeting management software offers a comprehensive dashboard and reporting tool, providing real-time insights into meeting outcomes. You can analyze events, monitor opportunities, and create reports with a single click. This data-driven approach helps track performance, KPIs, and identify areas for improvement.

Planning and Scheduling

Strengthen your network with efficient meeting planning and scheduling. Avoid overlaps using our drag-and-drop planner, backed by detailed historical meeting data for insightful reports. Automate agendas effortlessly, manage time efficiently, and monitor billable hours for increased productivity. Conquer your goals with ease using our all-in-one meeting management system.

Improved Employees Productivity

Experience a significant 60% increase in meeting productivity, making every minute more valuable. This system addresses the frequent issue of unproductive meetings that consume valuable resources without driving results.

Insightful Post-Meeting Analysis

After each meeting, the system captures key insights, enabling continuous refinement of strategies and enhancing client satisfaction. This addresses the challenge of stagnant meeting formats and content, which often lead to unproductive outcomes.

Intelligent Meeting Allocation

By smartly preventing repeat meetings with the same client within a three-month window, our system emphasizes meaningful engagement over redundant catch-ups. This tackles the challenge of meeting over-saturation, ensuring time is spent on new opportunities and client nurturing.

Industry Need Based on the provided image content, here are the benefits that a Meeting Management System (MMS) could provide across various industries:


  • Enhanced Customer Engagement
  • Quickly disseminate and adjust offers and promotions
  • Encourage and track cross-selling and upselling strategies


  • Efficient Sales Coordination
  • Closer eye on potential leads and follow-ups post-meetings.
  • Ensure compliance is discussed &n upheld


  • Order Processing Optimized
  • Transparent Supply Chain
  • Refine sales predictions with data from sales strategy meetings.

Real Estate

  • Centralize client data for easy access post-meetings.
  • Workflow Automation
  • Utilize meeting insights to drive market analysis


  • Seamlessly connect meeting outcomes with your CRM
  • Clear Sales Trajectory

Consumer Goods Industry

  • Retail Execution Refined
  • Data-Driven Sales Strategies

"Meeting Success, Simplified: Plan, Execute, Thrive!"

Gain a competitive edge with comprehensive reporting, providing insights for data-driven decisions. Elevate your meeting experience and achieve success with ease using our user-centric solution.

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