Partner Management Solution

Why You Need?

“Empower Your Business with Cliky PMS – Your Advanced Partner Management Solution. Seamlessly track and review the performance and data of all your dealers, partners, distributors, and influencers from a single, secure, and user-friendly dashboard.”

Industry Need

Retail and E-commerce

  • Efficient partner onboarding expands market reach.
  • Real-time performance tracking optimizes sales strategies.
  • Streamlined inventory management reduces stockouts and improves product availability.
  • Enhanced collaboration with partners leads to better customer experiences.


  • Accelerated distribution process through simplified partner onboarding.
  • Real-time data aids informed decisions about production and distribution.
  • Inventory management optimizes stock levels and reduces carrying costs.
  • Automated billing and invoicing streamline financial transactions.

Technology and Software:

  • Seamless integration with affiliate networks boosts software sales.
  • Performance tracking supports data-driven decisions for partner engagement.
  • Real-time reporting provides insights into marketing campaign effectiveness.
  • Collaborating with partners increases sales and revenue growth.


  • Effortless management of partnerships with medical distributors and suppliers.
  • Real-time partner performance tracking ensures timely medical product supply.
  • Automated reconciliation reduces errors in billing and payments.
  • Collaboration with partners improves healthcare service deliver

Seamless Partner Onboarding

Cliky’s Partner Management System simplifies partner onboarding and management. Effortlessly onboard and manage existing partners, while automating tasks and payment follow-ups to ensure smooth operations.

Real-time Performance Tracking

Gain comprehensive insights into your partners’ performance with our Partner Management System. Access real-time information on all partners’ status, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and evaluate their effectiveness.

Efficient Inventory Management

Cliky’s Partner Management is the essential tool for effectively managing partners’ inventory and business relations. Handle all aspects of your business through one system, including account management and access. Partners can access real-time dashboards for products, quotes, invoices, and referrals, facilitating collaboration and maximizing profits.

Strengthen Partner Relationships

Engage partners with a top-notch onboarding experience and keep them motivated through excellent partner management with Cliky. Enhance transparency and build trust, fostering stronger relationships that result in increased revenue and support for your partners.

Centralized Tracking Across Channels

Simplify tracking across all marketing channels in one dashboard. Cliky’s Partner Management system consolidates partner, affiliate, and affiliate program tracking, allowing you to optimize performance directly on your website.

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Cliky transforms your workforce strategy by connecting performance management, employee engagement, and enhance your Cliky transforms Mr. Siddhartha Sen Majumdar Commercial Head, SRMB Realedge