Partner Management Solution

Why Do You Need PMS?

The awe of partner management starts from distributors to dealers to sub-dealers to influences to buyers , interjected by the retailer community. You may be in any kind of business (retail or wholesale or heavy duty manufacturing), but the key areas that you deal with everyday are tracking the sales happening from all channels, cumbersome onboarding process for new dealers or sub-dealers and lack of collaboration. These problems not only hinder growth but make operations too costly but redundantly mandatory.

Cliky’s PMS system exactly deals in addressing above areas where bringing in a 360 degree view along with streamlining and automating operations lie at the core. Cliky believes in Extreme Automation.

Industry Need

Retail and E-commerce

  • Accelerate partner onboarding and widen your market footprint.
  • Leverage real-time analytics for fine-tuning sales strategies.
  • 360 deg. View of sales and orders coming in from multitude of channels.
  • Enjoy streamlined inventory management for minimal stockouts and optimal product availability.
  • Experience elevated partner satisfaction through strengthened collaboration.


  • Our partner management system software speeds up how you get products out the door by making it simpler to bring partners on board.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest figures to make better plans for making and moving your products.
  • Managing CnF, Distributors had been the only scope for traditional partner management software SaaS products in the market, but Cliky’s PMS have gone beyond these 2 levels and is keeping track of dealers / sub-dealers / influencers / retailers / promoters etc.
  • Keep your inventory in check to avoid excess costs.
  • PMS takes care of the billing and money matters without a hitch, keeping your finances neat and tidy.

Technology and Software:

  • Our PMS effortlessly connects with affiliate networks, helping you sell more for less.
  • Keep an eye on performance easily to make smart moves with your partners.
  • Partner behavior can be predicted and Cliky’s PMS have made operations move from reactive to proactive to predictive. However we aim at making operations seamless and prescriptive.
  • Get the latest reports fast to see how well your marketing is doing.
  • Collaborate with your partners to increase sales and revenue growth.


  • Our partner management system software makes working with medical distributors and suppliers a breeze.
  • Track how partners are doing in real-time to keep medical products moving.
  • Our system also cuts down on billing and payment mistakes, making sure the numbers add up right every time.
  • By teaming up better with partners, we help make healthcare services smoother and more reliable.

Seamless Partner Onboarding

The purpose of PRM is to simplify your partner onboarding and management. Our partner management software effortlessly onboard and manages your existing partners/distributors, while automating tasks and payment follow-ups to ensure smooth operations.

Real Time Performance, Sales & Inventory Tracking

With Cliky Partner management system software you can gain comprehensive insights into your partners’ performance. Access real-time information on all distributors/dealer/supplier status, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and evaluate their effectiveness. Inventory Management has been a nightmare for many enterprises especially around handling the ATP (Available to Promise) RED scenarios where customer promises are not met due to inventory stock-outs. Cliky’s software has handled this scenario.

Efficient Inventory Management

Count us as a Partner management system that can look for your project management task. Our PMS Handle all aspects of your business through one system, including account management and access. Partners can access real-time dashboards for products, quotes, invoices, and referrals, facilitating collaboration and maximizing profits.

Maintain Transparency with Partners

Begin partnerships on the right note through a seamless onboarding process and keep the momentum going with the partner management system by Cliky. By maintaining openness in all dealings, trust is naturally cultivated, leading to stronger, more productive relationships that not only boost revenue but also provide steadfast support to your partners.

Centralized Tracking Across Channels

Simplify tracking across all marketing channels in one dashboard. Cliky’s Partner Management system consolidates partner and affiliate marketing tracking, allowing you to optimize performance directly on your website.

Join Us and Grow Your Business

Cliky transforms your workforce strategy by connecting performance management, employee engagement, and enhance your Cliky transforms Mr. Siddhartha Sen Majumdar Commercial Head, SRMB Realedge