Elevate Your Sales Operations with Cliky-Powered SFA

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One solution to rethink the way you
manage your sales-driven

  • Tailored solutions for industries including retail, healthcare, and manufacturing
  • Customize your sales scoring models for precision
  • Monitor your sales pipeline with our business health dashboard
  • Forecast sales with data-driven predictive analytics
  • Visualize sales rep locations with accurate map analytics
  • Stay connected on-the-go with our intuitive mobile app

Unlock efficiency, streamline operations, and build lasting
customer relationships like never

Automated Lead

Enhance sales generation by automating the process of capturing potential customer information.

Accurate Branding and Scheme Plan

Avoid market pitfalls and strategize effectively by understanding the competition and their market presence.

Efficient Sales Management

Automates lead capture, goal setting, and task assignments for faster deal closures.


Provides accurate sales forecasts for efficient resource allocation.


Cliky chatbots offer real-time sales insights, enabling faster decision-making.


Insights from Cliky analytics refine cost management and competitive edge.

Streamlined Operations

Real-time tracking improves sales rep management, quality oversight, and optimizes field visit routes

Elevate Your Sales Operations with Our Robust SFA System

Boost your sales operations to ensure field representatives are always at their peak performance with real-time monitoring

Harness the power of interactive dashboards that enable rapid, data-driven decisions, and streamlined sales management

Receive comprehensive sales reports detailing visits, outcomes, and locations, providing invaluable insights for future strategies, reviews, and well-knit visit plans

Empowering Sales, One Deal at a Time
Why Cliky SFA?

Tailoring at Scale

Cliky analyzes sales data for tailored recommendations, enhancing customer engagement—a challenge for manual SFA platforms.

Predictive Sales Insights

Anticipate market trends and strategize
accordingly, ensuring precise
sales forecasting.

24/7 Sales Assistance

Cliky mobile app provides continuous support, ensuring you're always connected, informed, and can manage attendance in real-time.

Real-Time Tracking

Consistent real-time tracking amplifies operational effectiveness by rapidly pinpointing, addressing challenges, and planning optimal visit routes.

Cliky's map analytics reshaped sales. Visualizing data pinpointed markets, optimized planning. Empowering tool for robust sales growth through strategic insights.Excelent AI features in Grow More Plus

Mr. Saikat Sales Head, Realbuild

CRM adoption boosted sales efficiency. Intuitive interface and automation saved time, resulting in record-breaking deal closures for our team.I always prefer Grow More.

Mr. Kaushik Chakraborty Real Built, GM - Operation

Cliky transforms your workforce strategy by connecting performance management, employee ngagement, and enhance your Cliky transforms.

Mr. Siddhartha Sen Majumdar Commercial Head, Realedge